Friday, March 30, 2012

Mall and Ice Skating

By Brittany

Today we went to Ballston Mall and we had so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!! And when were there I thought I was going to fall on my butt, but I did not fall. Ok I fell 2 times, but it was not that bad. Before that Ms.S told me that I WAS NOT GOING TO DIE BECAUSE I HAVE A PHOBIA OF ELEVATORS. But Ms.S helped me by saying that they are safe and yeah. But I had a really good time hanging out with my friends.

Rock, paper, scissors

Today in homeroom, we had the first annual Sea Hawk Team Rock Paper Scissors Shoot tournament (rps). A week ago, we had a STAR (homeroom) rps tournament. In my star, I won and was one of two representatives. Today was the team wide tournament, the one that really mattered. I won the first round best 2/3. On the next round, I was tying a lot but then won. After that one I escaped to the final four. With many ties and one loss, I just made it to the final. In the final round it was 3/5. Everyone was cheering yes against me because they are my friends. In the final round the tension was building but I came through. I won! I was hoisted in the air by all my friends. It was a fun interesting sport (maybe not a sport) to win.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


By Rebecca

So yesturday we went to the mall and I had to get some new glasses but my sister wanted to go get some shoes. My mom wouldn't let her. And she being 16, she gave me that look and started being really mean. Well today I got my revenge. It wasn't planned it just happened. So she was running and tripped over my dog (he kinda blends in with the floor) and fell on me when I was on the sofa. She hurt me just barely, but I faked cried (she always falls for it) and ran to my room. Well it worked because she felt really bad and bought me french fries. Revenge is sweet ( or salty )

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Walking Home

by Leonie

Emma and I were walking home after an endless day at school. The air was slightly thick, yet not very humid. Our feet were dragging on the ground, and our shoulders slumped with the ten ton wight of our backpacks.
"Almost there."
I mumble with the last of my strength.
"Yeah, right."
She grumbles in response. Just as the corner where we turn comes into view (which means we are almost home) heavy, widely spaced drops of rain fall from the heavens, leaving dark patches of rain on our clothes.

Midnight in Paris

By Noah

Tomorrow I am getting picked up from school, and I am going on a plane over to France. Then after I go there I am going to Spain. In Spain we are going to Madrid and a place called Malaga. Malaga is kind of like a beach. And Madrid is a big city. I will be posting from Spain and Paris and telling you how it goes. Bye, until next time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Swing

by Andrew

I have this awesome rope swing in my back yard. I also have a tree-house-like-thing. If you add the two togther you get total fun!!! You stand on the top of the tree-house-thing, 20 feet above ground and pray for your life that you don't let go. You jump, holding the rope, trying for your life not to let go. You swing like Tarzan, feeling like you are flying. Then you snap out of it and tighten your grip just in time to prevent yourself from crashing to the ground. Yesterday, we had the idea of taping our phones to a headlamp band that way we could record video and share the hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping adventure.

American Studies

By Alexis

Today, half of the Team went on a field trip. So the teachers decided that today all of the students would go to only first, second, and third periods. The first and second periods only lasted for half an hour, and third period lasted for 20 min.

After that everyone went to their assigned teacher, and either stayed, or left for the trip. I was one of the people who had to stay, and for the time left before lunch, and 15 min. after lunch, I was with the American Studies teacher. For the time that I was there, we did a test. The test didn't count towards our grades, but it was like a competition.

We were in groups of two, and we had to do the test as a team, and once we were done we had to put our pencils away, and then we were handed a red colored pencil and an answer key, and we checked our answers. We would be disqualified if we were caught with a pencil out, so we made sure not to take out our pencils. Whatever team got the least wrong would get some unknown prize. The person I was with and I got two wrong. After lunch we came back up, and the winners were announced.

"There was a tie, and the groups with the least wrong got two wrong, and those groups are Erik and Metea, and Alexis and Jocelyn. Will those groups talk to me before they leave?"

So, when we were leaving, she asked us to let her know by the end of the day what type of King Size candy bar we liked, and that our prize was the King Size candy bar. AWESOME!!!! I'm so lucky!